There are many aspects to the “Casino Facility”; Casino ceilings and ceiling decor have cleaning issues come up. They can be cleaned of smoke residue and HVAC discharge. Suspension ceilings are restored in place. Wall Decor and signs are also vital to be cleaned. Our process removes any odors on the ceiling and walls during the cleaning of the surfaces for a brighter, fresher look!

Many Casinos have multiple Kitchens and back areas that the ceilings can be cleaned and sanitized in place. See, Hospitals and Industrial Kitchens on this site for more detail of the full scope Pacific Acoustics provides.

With a Casinos high volume of food and drinks being prepared, our ceiling cleaning and restoration applied at high pressure, will give you an “A” standard cleaning/sanitizing result quickly.

Additionally, Pacific Acoustics can develop and design special cleaning applications for your demands not addressed. With Millions of square feet cleaned, our firm has seen a multitude of difficult applications to tackle for a client.