Fast Food

Restoration Cleaning of your Restaurant is something Pacific Acoustics has been doing for years. Using our special chemicals we remove food and grease build up from the ceiling and walls. With 3000 lbs of pressure atomized into a mist, your entire ceiling, walls, and floors are sanitized. We roll out any appliances that are on casters and clean behind them for you for a complete cleaning restoration.

Roll out racks, if requested, can be cleaned for you as well.

For you dining area, the ceilings can be cleaned using our suspended ceiling cleaning process. The process will clean all vents/returns, around lights, and T-bar or grid system. Your walls and décor can be included if needed.

The restaurant cleaning by Pacific Acoustics is done when your facility is closed. If you are open 24 hours, we can work with you on timing for the cleaning. Your serving line signage will be wiped clean while the ceiling is being cleaned as well. The entire restoration will brighten your facility for months to come.

Also, go to our “Restaurants” link under services for any additional information, or call or e-mail.