Pacific Acoustics over 30 years ago began the process of Ceiling Restoration and Sanitizing of suspended ceilings.

The process sanitizes the “T-bar/Grid system, AC Vents/Returns and around all light frames. All HVAC vent areas (usually at the supply) are vacuumed prior to the cleaning of the ceiling. Color recovery of the original color when installed is our goal.

Our unique Restoration Cleaning is utilized in Institutional Kitchens. With our “High Pressure” cleaning application, your suspended ceiling is cleaned white and your walls are cleaned to the floor. Stainless steel can also be cleaned if requested. Our Sanitizing/Cleaning can be applied to kitchen racks and shelving.

Our services preserve your ceiling, lowering the cost of having to Paint and Replace, this goes right to the bottom line of your Hospital. From ER’s to Hallways, we have serviced. This is a major need in Health facilities across the country.

Restore color, sanitize with Pacific Acoustics.