Industrial Manufacturing

Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration for Industrial/Manufacturing covers many industries. Examples of Industries are; Auto Maker, Tooling, Machining, Paper Manufacturing, Packaging facilities, Shipping Companies, Manufacturing of Goods for Retail and multitudes of others. Industrial/Manufacturing ceiling cleaning will have a unique aspect for each location.

What will be addressed is the type of residue on the trusses, pipes, conduit and surfaces. The cleaning is job specific for your facility.

You can also get more insight for our cleaning on our “Open Structure” link on this page. There is NO aspect of a ceiling surface we do not address when cleaning your building! Our goal is cleaning and renewing for safety, clean environment, light reflection and work conditions. Pacific Acoustics also helps maintain your investment.
The cleaning and removal of unwanted residue in industrial facilities is often over looked until it gets out of hand. The solution is here with Pacific Acoustics experience of over 750 Million square feet cleaned!

Give us a call and talk with one of our companies executives for services we can provide.