Open Ceiling Structures

Open Ceiling Structure Restoration is also referred as “Open Structure High Dusting” or simply “High Dusting”. “Dusting” does not take place at your facility. The Cleaning and Restoration is a Vacuuming process using HEPA Filter vacuums.

What is cleaned; Metal Trusses, steel fire walls, Cob Webs, residue from machines, outside environmental pollutants that settle on the upper surface of the ceiling, HVAC ducting (returns & supplies), Pipes, conduit, wires, money tubes (if applies), tops of lights, chains, skylights, security domes, cameras, sprinkler pipes, ceiling fans, suspended furnaces, signage and wall décor. During the restoration of the ceiling, the tops of all roll up doors are cleaned for your building.

This is a complete ceiling restoration of the Open Ceiling that in many cases saves you the cost of Re-Painting. Our application is used in “Open Box Retail”, Industrial Food, manufacturing, airports and many other locations of “HIGH Reach cleaning needs”. Grocery stores and Retail stores fall under this NEED as well. NOTE: Our High Dust Cleaning is used PRIOR to an Open structure painting.

Full cleaning of the ceiling and walls is what we specialize in. Pacific Acoustics can also adjust our process if you have unusual problems.

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