Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration, especially with multiple locations is a specialty of Pacific Acoustics. What takes place is the Cleaning and Sanitizing of the suspended ceiling. The ceiling grid gets cleaned, ceiling tile that is designed for cooking areas, air conditioning supplies/returns and lights are all cleaned and sanitized. The restoration then continues down the Kitchen walls with a complete spraying down of the floor.
Our cleaning process removes grease and food from the heavy cooking taking place. The results are a sanitized kitchen with color recovery taking place. All Kitchen appliances on wheels are moved out of place to clean and restore the areas behind the appliance. Stainless Steel cleaning is done for you during the process.

Concerning the dining area of the restaurant, if the ceiling is in need of cleaning, it can also be done with the vacuuming of the vents and returns. We can also wipe down all the decorative décor that is on the ceiling or walls. Pacific Acoustics is geared to help you keep your standard of sanitizing to its highest level. Also see our link for “Fast Food Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration”.