Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls have many varying ceiling systems across America. The most common is “twofold” Open Structure and Suspension ceilings, these ceiling types are also described on our web site for you.

For Open Structure or “Art Deco” architecture, we clean and restore the painted surface using HEPA filter vacuums and wipe down around widow frames. Included is the exterior cleaning of all supply HVAC and returns. Our open structure cleaning saves your Mall from having to be painted. Pacific Acoustics can also restore and clean any exterior Open Structures that are part of the Mall.

In common areas, where there are suspended ceilings, we can chemically clean them in place with our process we have used for over 30 years. We address cleaning of the T-bar/Grid system, restoring it to the original enamel finish, vacuum vents and clean around lights and marquee signage. Food Court locations in Malls are a great need for cleaning maintenance across the country.

Send us an E-mail or give us a call, we cover the country cleaning ceilings.