Pacific Acoustics, crossing America, bringing Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration!

Our company is headed by Keith Coffeen, the founder who borrowed $500.00 to start his company in 1982. When he started the company, he went door to door looking for opportunities. When he landed a job, Keith worked the projects for many nights straight while also running the company during the day. His dedication of working days and nights starting the company paid off. Keith sold ceiling cleaning projects from Aerospace companies to McDonalds restaurants.

He is backed up by Mr. Brad Gaal, the Sr. Vice President. He is also the Project Manager of all multi state projects. Brad has over 80 million square feet of experience in the field across this great country. He knows all aspects of the ceiling cleaning industry and brings confidence to the customer. Brad brings to a client assurance when he conveys his experience.

Nowhere in the country is there a ceiling cleaning restoration firm with this much experience in house. Pacific Acoustics ceiling technicians in the field have experience in the Millions of square feet and counting.
Pacific Acoustics is fully insured and is safety compliant on projects. We also comply with all immigration laws and are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All Employees are E-Verified to prove eligibility to work in the United States.
All the Best.

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Keith Coffeen
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Brad Gaal
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