Department Stores

Department Store ceiling cleaning encompasses; Large Retail Anchor Stores, Open Structure Ceiling stores such as Best Buy,Staples,Lowe’s. Smaller Chain Retail and Large Retail, Sears, JC Penney’s, and many more.

Suspended ceilings are cleaned in place removing soot at the ceiling vents. Restoration of the ceiling grid and sign cleaning in place. We have been doing this cleaning for over 30 years bringing back light reflection to your store and saving you the high cost of painting a ceiling. You DO NOT want to paint a ceiling (suspended system)! This will cause a huge problem down the line for years! We can also replace ceiling tiles where they are damaged or permanently stained. Your signs and wall décor can also be cleaned. Our process is also used during a refreshing of a store or remodel.

Retail Open Structure ceilings (see Open Ceiling Structure link) is the cleaning of all: Joists, girders, piping, HVAC duct-work, directional signs, sky lights, conduit, lighting, and security fixtures, etc. This restoration is vital for image and ambiance of your store.

We have serviced Millions of square feet for Retail Stores from Hawaii to Maine and Florida to Washington.

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