Industrial Kitchens

Industrial Kitchen cleaning is right up Pacific Acoustics range of services designed for large scale food production. The following services apply to your Kitchen; Restoration Cleaning of existing ceiling in place, cleaning of Grid/T-bar, vacuuming of air conditioning supply & returns, lights and sprinkler heads.

Appliances on casters are moved in preparation of wall cleaning and sanitizing (your ceiling is also sanitized). The wall surfaces are scrubbed to remove residue from grease and food for a clean look. Then your floor is rinsed down and sanitized. Pacific Acoustics can also clean movable racks and corrugated mates in use by your Kitchen. Concerning the Stainless Steel, that will be polished for you upon the finish.

The restoration and cleaning of a Kitchen brightens your facility like no other. For over 30 years, Pacific Acoustics has developed and cleaned Kitchens across the United States.
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