Food Processing

Food Processing Plants are large scale production of food products being prepared for Retail distribution. The production of Breads, Deserts, Baked Goods, Packaging, and Produce prep and packaging among many other processes have needs for cleaning.

The type of ceilings can be Open Structure (most common) to washable ceiling panels or enameled surfaces designed for cleaning. We have also run into Metal ceiling structures. The causes; built up Flour, Sugar, Paper Dust, machine exhaust from ovens to freezers, we can clean it. Each facility has its own unique need for restoration services.

Pipes for product supply, electrical conduit and sprinkler piping are cleaned for you. Any item attached to the ceiling is addressed for a cleaning. Very common the walls and tops of ovens and coolers are covered with dust of what is being processed. Be safe and give us a call if you have any questions about your operation. On our site you can read more about “Open Ceiling/Structures & Kitchens”.

E-mail or simply give us a call concerning the restoration and safe keeping of your facility.